33 Knot Prayer Rope - Yellow (1KC08)

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This prayer rope (komboskini or chotki) was prayerfully made by the sisters of Saint George the Great Martyr Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Brnjak, Kosovo-Metohija. 

With each prayer rope purchased you are helping support the sisterhood of Saint George as well as the few, remaining Orthodox Christians of Kosovo-Metohija who live amidst persecution and poverty. 

Since 1990, over 150 Serbian Orthodox churches, monasteries, cultural and religious sites have been vandalized, set ablaze, and destroyed. As well, literally hundreds of Serbian Orthodox Christians (including clergy and monastics) have, and continue to be kidnapped and murdered. 

Please pray for the courageous nuns who made this prayer rope, living amidst modern day persecution, as well as for all of the suffering Orthodox faithful of Kosovo-Metohija!