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This is an exceptional book, one of the most amazing and edifying Lives of modern holy elders ever to be translated into English. If you have been disappointed with the English translation of previous Elder Porphyrios books from Greece, this one will not disappoint. It is very well done. A must read!

From the backcover:

Elder Porphyrios, a Greek monk and priest who died in 1991, stands in the long tradition of charismatic spiritual guides in the Eastern Church which continues from the apostolic age down to figures such as Saint Seraphim of Sarov and Staretz Silouan in modern times. In this book he tells the story of his life and, in simple, deeply reflected and profoundly wise words, he expounds the Christian faith for today.

This book was compiled after his death from an archive of notes and recordings of his reminiscences, conversations and words of guidance, and was first published in Greek in 2003.

The vibrant personality of Elder Porphyrios at all times shines through his words with great transparency and charm. In his introduction to the Greek edition Bishop Irenaeus of Chania writes: "The words of blessed Elder Porphyrios are the words of a holy Father, of a man with the gift of clear sight, who was ever retiring, humble, simple and ardent and whose life was a true and authentic witness to Christ, to His truth and to His joy. Through his presence, love, prayer, counsel and guidance he supported an untold number of people in the difficult hours of illness, mourning, pain, loss of faith and death. He is a god-bearing Father of our days, a true priest and teacher who in his ascetic way fell in—love with Christ and faithfully served his fellow man. His teaching is deeply impregnated with the ethos and theology of the Orthodox Church and is dominated by the person and image of Christ our Saviour."

Read Excerpts:

» On Dispositions of the Heart
» On Illness

253 pages

ISBN 9607120191

7 Reviews

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    A grand life

    Posted by Michael B. on 13th Mar 2019

    The life of Father Porphyrios is an amazing read. The tale of his life is without a doubt one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. It is chalked full of beautiful anticdotes on this man’s often time tulmultuous life. It is full of lessons as well; if one chooses to see them. I came away a better man after reading this book, with a clearer understanding of my growing faith. I highly suggest obtaining this book. You’ll soon see that it is more than a book.

  • 5
    An excellent guide to spiritual life.

    Posted by Fr. Juan on 28th Oct 2018

    I purchased this book a while back, and since then it has been a constant reference guide for my journey. Simply matchless.

  • 5
    Wonderful book and price!

    Posted by Eleni on 30th Nov 2015

    This book is a perennial favorite in our church bookstore and has so much to say for our spiritual edification regarding the love of Christ. Highly recommended and one of my favorites too.

  • 5
    Wounded By Love, an Essential Part of Your Library

    Posted by Jo Ann Kluge on 28th Feb 2014

    Wounded By Love is an excellent way to meet one of our most recently glorified Saints. Using his own words, the book describes the journey of his life, and shares the way to a deeply personal love for Christ through his teachings. Once I had passed my copy along to a friend, I had to get another one to keep. St. Porphyrios offers teachings that are timeless, and need to be read again and again.

  • 5
    A treasure in print

    Posted by Fr. Michael M. on 10th Aug 2013

    "Wounded by Love" is a treasure in print. Indeed, it is more precious than gold. If you will, and if God wills, through the treasure it contains (that is, in getting to know Elder Porphyrios)your life may be forever changed.

  • 5
    Simplicity of love and humility

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2013

    I have found all that is in the above descrition about the book to be true. It is well translated because the book is easy to read and has a good flow. One would hardly know it is a compilation of interviews etc. What I have found most touching and moving,as well as edifying is the simplicity of love and humility manifested in Elder Porphyrios- and I have read a lot of books on saints.It is rather hard to put into words,but Elder Porphyrios shows one how to be courageous, loving and humble not by instruction, but by the example of his very person.Excellent.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Nov 2012

    This book written by Elder Porphyrios is one that all people should read as it is a beautiful workbook on putting love into practice. Not just any love, but the love of Christ which surpasses all things and teaches us how to love all.