Confession of Faith - (COF)

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In his Confession of Faith, written just two years before his blessed repose, St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite offers a personal response to his critics and accusers - a personal apologia written also on behalf of his brother Kollyvades. Defending the truth and the canonical order of the Church,  he addresses such issues as the meaning of kolyva, the proper time for the celebration of Memorial Services, the special prerogatives due to Sunday, the theology of the divine Eucharist and the frequency of Holy Communion. Moreover, one is brought face to face with this great and holy personality, seeing him not only as a Saint and great Father of the Church, but as a sympathetic and honorable man full of love for his fellow Christians, especially for his enemies.


"Every time I read the books of St. Nikodemos I am inspired by his humility, his love, his steadfastness in the faith, his faithfulness to the Canons of the Church, and his unlimited love for Christ, for His Mother the holy Virgin Mary, and for the Mother Church of Christ. St. Nikodemos, although he lived in the eighteenth century, still is contemporary, and I say this because even today there are people who do not like him and accuse him of being a westernizer and unbending. But we know that St. Nikodemos can speak to our hearts today and give us direction for a truly Christian life."

Dr. George Bebis  
Professor Emeritus of Patristics and currently Adjunct Professor,        
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

Volume three in the series:
The Works of Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite

115 pages.

ISBN 978-960-86778-9-0