Time for Liturgy – Women's Pull Over Hoodie

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Time For Liturgy - "Awake O Sluggard! And Arise From The Dead And Christ Will Shine On You" (Ephesians 5:14) Out of labor comes health, out of sweat salvation. Beware lest, from your wish to keep certain obligations, you break your obligation to God. Do not sink back. There is salvation, there is amendment. The doors are not yet shut; the Bridegroom hears you. Make the effort! Jesus is merciful! The Kingdom is at hand! ---Saint Basil the Great One day of the week is called the Lord's day (Sunday), because it is consecrated to the Lord, Who on that day arose from the dead, disclosing and giving prior assurance of the general resurrection, when every earthly activity will come to an end. On this day you should go to the temple of God and attend the services held there, and with sincere faith and a clean conscience you should receive the holy Body and Blood of Christ. You should make a beginning of a more perfect life and renew and prepare yourself for the reception of the eternal blessings to come. In this way you will sanctify the sabbath, observing it by doing no evil deeds. To the Lord's day you should join the days dedicated to the great feasts, doing the same things and abstaining from the same things." ---St. Gregory Palamas There is nothing that is more helpful for us and more beloved to God than the sacrifice of the Divine Liturgy because it is the action of the Savior and the resurrection of mankind as He is united to us. The Divine Liturgy far surpasses every other prayer or praise, and it is thus fitting that we give proper attention to this divine work. Through the sacrifice of the Divine Liturgy, we become partakers of the divine Mysteries, which we receive as often as we are deemed worthy to approach. Those who are also reposed in the true faith also partake invisibly of Christ at this sacrifice through their commemoration at the holy altar for the forgiveness of their sins. Those who faithfully participate in the Divine Liturgy receive many great blessings. Christ Himself, together with the holy angels and all the saints, is present at this most holy service. ---Blessed Elder Cleopa of Romania • 52% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% poly fleece • Hood • Side seamed • Retail fit

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