Custom Work

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Since 2005 UMS has been providing high quality Orthodox icons and gifts while steadily increasing the inventory. Today we have the largest selection of Orthodox icons available for purchase to the glory of God and the salvation of His people.

But over time, there have been specific requests for unique items that are not part of our listed inventory. When that happens, UMS gets to work to provide you with something unique and new. With the care and skill of an experienced graphic artist, we are able to reverantly handle the icons and produce any number of variations to suit your needs.

The scope of our custom work includes but is not limited to:

  • Family icons (selected Saints gathered together in a single mounted icon)
  • Large wall mount projects for parishes and chapels on museum quality canvas
  • Adjusted sizes and shapes for existing icons
  • Corpus of Christ (Cut and Mounted to size for liturgical use)
  • Unique set of icons with coordinated background for use in an iconostasis
  • Posters for the education and edification of the faithful
  • Unique wall plaques with quotes/scripture
  • Custom Applications for Parishes
  • Premier Hand Painted Icons

Please feel free to contact us below if you have an unusual or unique idea you need created.


A beautiful and economic improvement for a large iconostasis with 15 icons total.

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The Life of Saint David the Righteous of Evia: Unique design shape and application.


A Family Icon: Each family member's patron is represented on a single and beautiful icon.
Price: Christ or Panagia with two Saints: $235 (XXL) or $325 (Iconostasis). Each additional Saint add $35.

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Custom Icons for Royal Doors