About Us

Uncut Mountain Supply is a family owned business which began back in 2004 with a blessing and a great deal of help from the ever-memorable Elder Ephraim of Mt. Athos and Arizona. Many of the icons in our catalogue were graciously donated by St. Anthony's Monastery and these holy fathers have been our biggest support and help over the years. Any success we've had as Orthodox Christians or running this Orthodox business is certainly because of their love and prayers.

UMS believes that icons in the parish and in the home are of great importance for the edification of the faithful. All around the Orthodox world, icons have been made with prayer and devotion, and we aim to continue that same approach with the icons we reproduce to be distributed into the hands of the pious!

We aspire to offer:

  • Carefully selected icons which reflect the rich culture and faith of Eastern Orthodoxy at reasonable prices. More about icons
  • Orthodox publications which expound the sacred traditions of our Faith.
  • Finely crafted devotional items specially chosen for their authenticity and high quality.

Uncut Mountain Supply takes its name from the All-Holy Theotokos (Birth-giver of God) and Virgin Mary, the Uncut Mountain of Daniel and Habakkuk, from whom the Stone was cut without hands (Dan. 2:34-35).