Wholesale Accounts

We offer two unique discount groups, Church Bookstores and Retail Stores.

* Church Bookstores - Church Bookstores are defined as being clearly established within the parish, having dedicated bookstore space where products are kept in stock and on display for sale in a permanent location with scheduled business hours where customers transact business or gather information for future purchases. 

Church bookstores receive a 20% discount on all icons and mounted images and 10% on apparel and other gifts. 

Note to church bookstores: Church bookstore accounts are limited to placing orders for resale only. Your church bookstore account is not to be used for purchasing icons which will be used within the church. However, clergy may be eligible to receive a sliding 10-20% discount on purchases for adorning the church temple, icon restoration, or other beautification projects. Please contact us below to inquire.

* Retail Store - A Retail Store differs from a Church Bookstore account in that it 1) Has it's own physical location with our inventory in stock. 2) Regular business hours and a business phone. 3) Must own, lease or pay rent and other normal business expenses.  4) Must have its own stationery and a business checking account. We offer a deeper discount to offset the additional operating costs of a true retail store. In addition, trade references may also be furnished for account consideration. 

Wholesale accounts receive the same privileges as Church Bookstores except 30% discount on all icons and mounted images and 15% on apparel and gifts. 

Please begin your application for one of our discount groups below. If you have any questions regarding wholesale accounts please submit them in the form below. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Discount group members may not use other promotional discounts such as our "% off" or "Free Shipping" coupons nor do we extend discounts on any of the icons in our custom icon category (Family Icon, Wedding Icon, Custom Icons, etc.).