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The Family Icon is a custom-made icon in which each family member's patron saint is presented around a central, main Icon of Christ or the Theotokos. The product photo you see here is just one example. It has icons of five Saints around a central icon of the Theotokos. Click the image to see more examples.

Base price includes two additional saints. For each additional saint (up to eight total), add $35. (Note: Saints not found in our catalogue will require custom work requiring an additional $60 per Icon. Please contact us ahead of time.)

Instructions for Ordering

Elsewhere on our site find an icon of Christ or the Theotokos that you would like in the center, for example, Christ (from Deisis) - 16th c. Dionysiou Monastery - (11S13). Copy and paste the Name and SKU of the icon, e.g., "Christ (from Deisis) - 16th c. Dionysiou Monastery - (11S13)", into the Name and SKU of Main Icon field, above.

Follow the same process for each additional saint, entering the Name and SKU for each on a separate line in the last text box, above.