Icon of St. Hilaria - 1HI23

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Commemorated on March 19

The Holy Martyrs Hilaria, her husband Claudius the Tribune, and their sons, Jason and Maurus, and Diodorus the Presbyter and Marianus the Deacon, suffered with Sts. Chrysanthus and Daria in Rome under Emperor Numerian in the third century.

Claudius came to believe in Christ and accepted holy Baptism together with his wife, Hilaria, their sons, Jason and Maurus, and all his household and soldiers. When news of this reached Emperor Numerian, he ordered that they be executed. Claudius was drowned in the sea, and his sons and soldiers were beheaded.

Christians buried the bodies of the holy martyrs in a nearby cave, and St. Hilaria constantly went there to pray. The pagans followed her and led her off for torture. The saint asked that they give her a few moments to pray, and as soon as she finished, she gave up her soul to God. A servant buried St. Hilaria in the cave beside her sons.