Icon of the Holy New Martyrs of Bosnia - (1BM11)

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The Orthodox Church in Bosnia-Herzegovina was called on to suffer trial and tribulation on more than one occasion during the twentieth century. First of all, there was World War One and the terror campaign of Austro-Hungarian troops and police, then the genocide during the years of the Ustashi (Croat Nazi) puppet regime in Independent Croatia between 1941 and 1945, then the terror of Tito's partisans and the Communist repression of the post-war years, and finally the bloody trials of the Civil War of 1992-1995.

Sharing in the fate of its flock in the years of national suffering, the Serbian Orthodox Church has shone forth to the world a host of New Martyrs and Confessors for the Faith of Christ. The recent canonization of these martyrs and confessors for Orthodoxy in those lands has paid tribute to their spiritual exploits. The canonization of these newly-glorified saints, who suffered for the Faith during the First and Second World Wars and the Communist terror, took place in May 2005 at the Monastery of Zhitomislich (Bosnia and Herzegovina), where the Council of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church was then gathered

See this link for a brief account of the lives and sufferings of these newly glorified saints.