Icon of St. Valentina of Caesaria - (1VA15)

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St. Valentina of Caesaria (+308)

Commemorated on February 10

The Holy Virginmartyrs Ennatha, Valentina, and Paula were martyred in 308 under the emperor Maximian II Galerius (305-311).  St. Ennatha came from the city of Gaza (in the south of Palestine), St. Valentina was a native of Palestinian Caesaria, and St. Paula was from the region of Caesaria. 

St. Ennatha was the first to be brought to trial before the governor Firmilian, bravely declaring herself a Christian. They beat her, and then they suspended her from a pillar and scourged her.  

St. Valentina, accused of not worshipping the gods, was led to a pagan temple to offer sacrifice.  She bravely hurled a stone at the sacrifice and turned her back on it. They beat her mercilessly and sentenced her to be beheaded along with St. Ennatha.  

Then St. Paula was brought and tormented. With the help of God, however, she endured many tortures with great patience and courage. Before her death, St. Paula gave thanks to the Lord for strengthening her. Bowing to the Christians present, she bent her neck beneath the sword.

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