Icon of St. Vincent of Lerins - 20th c. - (1VI15)

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St. Vincent of Lerins (+456) 

Commemorated on May 24

St. Vincent was born in the late fourth century in Toulouse in Gaul.  He initially served in the military, but later become a monk at the Lérins Monastery, where he was ordained to the priesthood. 

St. Vincent is known for his work, Commonitorium, which he wrote around the year 434, in which he differentiated between the Church's teachings and the heresies of his time. 

St. Vincent is remembered for writing that Christians must follow the true faith that has been held “everywhere, always, and by all.” He also defended the term “Theotokos” with regard to the Mother of God in opposition to the teachings of Nestorius that were condemned at the Third Ecumenical Council.

From his scroll: "Hold fast that faith which has been believed everywhere and by all."