Icon of The Creation of the Animal Kingdom - (11T09)

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"Let the waters bring forth living creatures having life and let birds fly above the earth."

2 Reviews

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    Great for a kid's room

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2017

    Colorful and happy. Great for children. It's also nice to have Scripture in a language that we can read on the icon.

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    The Apotheosis of a Great Icon

    Posted by Gamzehyaavor on 1st Jun 2012

    If you know anyone who needs or likes uplifting and cheerful colors and images then this will be a great Icon for you to give them.

    Let's be clear--if you are sort of "old school", somber and prefer "old fashioned", trational style Icons then you may not like the "modernist" depiction one can feel in this Icon.

    I am "old school" in general but took a chance on this Icon and the chance paid off! This "Creation of the Animal Kingdom" Icon will serve a s kind of "Anti-Dote" to any mood of darkness or sorrow.

    This "Creation of the Animal Kingdom" evokes a sublime sense of the Joy, Purity and Grace of the state that our Triune God--Yahweh-Father-Son-Holy Ghost--intended for us at the Creation of the Universe.

    If you want a Cheeful, Instantly Hope-Filled and Joyful Icon then this is an excellent choice.

    This Icon is extraordinarily well made with substantial wood, super great colors and brilliant sharp images.